1. Hon’ble Governer of Rajasthan-

Proper execution of the MCI norms in Medical Colleges of Rajasthan. (On 18.08.17)

2. DGME, UP And Chairman, UPPSC-

To stop the proceedings of interviews for the posts of lecturer microbiology, physiology and pharmacology by UPPSC. (19.08.17)

3. President, National Medicos Organization (NMO) –

Improper ratio of medico and non medico in Medical Colleges and it’s effect as downfall of standards of Medical education.(25.08.17)

4. Hon’ble Health Minister of Rajasthan-

Improper ratio of Medicos and non medicos in Medical Colleges and request to assure Proper execution of MCI norms in Medical Colleges of Rajasthan.(30.08.17)

5. President, MCI –

Information regarding improper ratio of Medicos and non Medicos faculties in various deptts of Medical Colleges of Rajasthan. (08.09.17)

6. DME, Karnataka –

Problems regarding staff appointment on the posts of tutors in pre and para clinical subjects in Karnataka.(13.09.17)

7. Director, AIIMS, Jodhpur –

Complaint against calling Non MD/MS candidates for the posts of Senior residents.(16.09.17)

8. PMO, New Delhi

Demand to remove “implementation gap” between TEQ regulations 1998 and Medical Institutes as well as to declare MBBS as basic qualification, required for all the teachers in Medical Colleges.(19.09.17)

9. President, MCI –

Regarding TEQ regulations amendment on 05.06.17 and for deletion of the mandatory SR ship rule.(03.11.17)