Message of Secretary

Its my privilege to welcome you at All India Pre and Para clinical medicos association.. In the common journey for advancement of pre and para clinical or earlier clinical sciences it is not only what we do for current generation but what we aspire to do and where we want take our future.

AIPCMA has been established to provide leadership and raising voice for medical doctors in pre and para clinical specialties. Since its inception we have achieved several milestones, we achieved success in sensitization of regulatory bodies, recruitment authorities and our own colleagues regarding various issues and challenges faced by our members. We have made several representations to Medical Council of India and recognizing the leadership of our organization MCI executive committee for the first time made a historical decision to stop recruitment of non-medical teachers in medical institutions within a period of 3 years.

Listening and valuing the contributions and approaches of our valuable members are critical to us. I urge you to join these efforts. You will find AIPCMA membership professionally and personally rewarding, as we channel our energies in a positive direction
We want to make a difference. We strive to help, to have an impact on quality of medical education. We want to make the lives of others better by use of our training and skills we have learnt as a specialist of our field.

I call upon all medical teachers, consultants, scientists, doctors and post graduates students working in medical education, diagnostic services, medical research and clinical services to join this unique organization and join to empower yourself and to make a difference

Long live AIPCMA
Anoop Singh Gurjar