Message of Vice President

As a part of health care or during the course of illness every common man deserve and need the care by highly trained and a competent medical doctor. Any attempt to compromise the quality of medical education and training can be a matter of serious concern. For training a competent medical doctor the importance of training in pre and para clinical specialties can not be denied. The recent introduction of clinical based teaching or ATCOM module and patient exposure right from the beginning is also a welcome step by Medical Council of India to produce a competent doctor.

At AIPCMA we are committed to to strive for raising the standard of medical education to the highest level. Since its inception AIPCMA has taken several steps to sensitize the medical community to acknowledge the importance of pre and paraclinical spacialities.

Thoughtful deliberation, interaction, meetings, discussions with govt agencies and regulatory bodies like are some of the activities of AIPCMA to adress its goals. We are fortunate to get the assistance of other organizations of medical doctors like lndian Mediacl Association lats years to achieve our goals. We have achieved success to meet, share our knowledge, expertise and of course above all strengthen the knots unity among the professional colleagues working as medical teachers, consultants, experts and specialists in various institutions

Lets work together under this common platform and take pre and paraclinical specialties to the newer horizons of success

‚ÄčLong live AIPCMA
C M Kamaal